Bermuda Marathon Weekend

Elbow Beach Bermuda
Elbow Beach Bermuda

Running in the Bermuda Marathon Weekend had been on Mary's Bucket List for years. She abandoned the idea when she could not get traction on her healing journey to heal the effects of paralytic polio and trauma.

After working with Ryan J. Means, DC, a chiropractor healer, Mary decided to take on the challenge of training for and running the 2016 Bermuda Half Marathon. She met Race Director Anthony Raynor at the 2015 Finish at the 50 Race Expo. She was enthralled remembering all the wonderful memories she had of Bermuda until the diagnosis of Post-Polio Syndrome. The last time she had been on the Island she was using a wheelchair to travel and was in a leg brace using a cane. She would have a triumphant return to the Island going the distance of a half marathon.

Bermuda Half Marathon
Getting ready to race. Hamilton Harbor
And they're off
The Town Crier sends off the runners after the Proclamation.
Bermudians cheer us on!
It's so much more than a race! It's a Bermuda party!
Breathtaking views along the course
Breathtaking views along the course!
Coming into the finish!
Going the Distance!


The finish!
The bling! It's all about the bling!

For the first time in Mary's ten year healing odyssey, she felt strong and healthy enough to train for and run her 2nd Bermuda Half Marathon in January of 2017:

Sunrise over Hamilton Harbor
At the start
Team McManus ready to rock!


A successful 2nd Bermuda Half Marathon

After meeting up with Race Director Anthony Raynor at the 2017 Boston Marathon Expo and receiving an invitational entry for Team McManus, Mary decided to take on the challenge for Bermuda Half Marathon III. 

Anthony and Mary
Anthony Raynor, Bermuda Marathon Weekend Race Director and Mary at Booth 2828, Blue Diamond Athletic Displays at the Boston Marathon Expo - April 2017

Team McManus from the 2009 Boston Marathon was reunited once more to go the distance in Bermuda in 2018. Here is their triumphant photo at the finish line:

Finish line